Thoughts about Finland

When people talk about Finland following things are often said; beautiful nature, long cold and dark winters, summer with midnight sun, good education, good public healthcare. Finland is also known for equality and everyone with different economical background is chance to succeed in life with study and hard work.

Weather changes heavily depending what season is going on. Personally, I like that weather is not always same. Different  season offers different type of hobbies and outdoor activities.

         Outdoor ice hockey field              Playing golf in summer

Finland´s has a diverse environment. From Turku archipelago to mountains in Lapland.

Things I value most in Finland are free good education even in universities. Public healthcare is working in very affordable price. You can trust police and other authorities.  Taxes are quite high in Finland but I will happily pay taxes to get good working public services

Finnish people are often little bit shy with strangers and are not big fan of small talk. This might seem rude to foreigners who are used to have small talk and greet strangers in their own culture. Exception to our normal behavior is when we drink alcohol and suddenly we can talk all-night.

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