Story about laptop, ipad and backpack travelling around Finland

I will tell about one of my most memorable experience in my life in Finland, and this event makes me more respect Finnish people and society.

[Story about laptop, ipad and backpack travelling around Finland ALONE]

After taking VR from Helsinki to Tampere, they left their boss (it’s me) to start their journey on the train ALONE. They visited Hämeenlinna, Kokkola, Oulu and many other places. Then they took a long rest in Oulu for 2 weeks, and started the journey again to Rovaniemi :okay: Even their boss didn’t go there :okay:
Their three-week journey finally finished, and their boss has to pay their travel budgets 😩 But luckily, they arrived at home safely.

In other words, I forgot my backpack including my laptop, ipad and headphone on VR train. If I live in another country, definitely they will be disappeared immediately. But luckily, VR staffs and Lost&Found office supported me a lot and in result, I received my expensive stuffs safely in front of my apartment’s door.

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Picture of my stuffs in the backpack. 

Until now I am really appreciated and respected Finland and Finns, especially who helped me in getting back these stuffs.

From bad-luck my experience, everyone would know that how Finnish people trustworthy are (no one touched my backpack although it traveled a long way till Oulu), how Finnish services reliable and supported are (Lost&Found service contacted me and after having my address, they sent my stuffs with packaging carefully immediately). For me, this is FINNISHNESS.

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