Finnishness from a Swedish-speaking Finn’s perspective

What is finnishness…? I haven’t really thought about it. The first things that comes to mind are quiet, nature, sauna and salmiakki. I do not like salmiakki so I seem to fail in one category already.

Anyways, those are just stereotypes. Whar I think describes Finns the best is determination. To me, we are a country with a people that just do not give up (why else would we live this far to the North?), and we fight for what we believe in (not saying everything that is fought for is right). Personally, I didn’t grow up with the concept of “sisu”, but I think it is a good, generalised, descriprion of the Finnish people.

That went deep and now my brains don’t even have fumes left (shouldn’t have decided to do this wilst ill..). What else is finnishness? I think friendliness. Yes, we are not thrilled about strangers, and if we have to meet them (the strangers), it should be under organised circumstances. However, Finns are always willing to help, and straight forward (not rude) when giving answers. This willingness to help mixed with discomfort with strangers might seem like a strange mix, but it might be the reason many have said, that when you make a friend in Finland, you make a friend for life.

Sorry for that rant. I hope it makes sense. I will finish now.
Hm… I do not have any pictures. Not a big photographer, but I promised to make an instagram account when I go abroad, so it might change. But for now, I’ll let it be.

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