Shy, helpful and honest Finn

Shy, helpful and honest are first three words what came to my mind when I started to think Finnish people. That is my stereotype of Finn and of course all of them are not like that. If someone ask be about Finnish people, that is what I tell to them.

I have traveled a lot in my life, so I have seen so many different kind of cultures. Finland is the most north western country which culture only few people know. Free education, Santa Claus and the most snowiest winters are maybe the things where Finland is known. In foreign movies Finns are shown as bluff and crazy rednecks who go first to very hot room(which is also called sauna) and then they run to frozen lake where is only little hole.

I think that Finns are the most shy people in the world. They do not talk each others if they do not have to. At bus stop they have to stand one meter away from the others. They can live ten years in same house without knowing their neighbors names. So if you want to talk with Finns you have to get them drunk, then it is easier to them.

Even if Finns are shy, they are always ready to help even strange people. Last week I was driving in Hervanta and someones car lose its power on the road in front of me. Before I stopped my car to bus stop, there were five men pushing the car. In Finland I have never have to wait help on street when I have needed.

Finns honest, I read someone’s story about his/her laptop and stuff. They were lost and they were found. He/she got them all back and he/she was clearly proud of Finns about that. Anyone did not stole it or anything. Just wanted them back to their owner. We Finns should be very proud of our honest which is not something considered self-evident in every country. Of course, here is thieves and people who take everything what they saw but usually you can trust your fortune are safe wherever you are in Finland.

Finally, I have to say that I am proud of being one of these bluff and crazy rednecks.

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