What is Finnishness to me?

Sauna. Lakes. Seasons. Nature. Safety. Those are the 5 words that first came in to my mind when thinking about Finland and Finnishness. Summer evening by the lake at a terrace of your summer cottage. Running naked into snow from Sauna when it’s -30C outside. What is more Finnish than that?


The nature of Finland is one of a kind. For me it’s a thing that I’ve started to appreciate more when getting older. We have a huge amount of forests, lakes, parks, rivers and so on. That’s something that not every country has. The nature changes when the season changes, in summer you can swim in warm water in a lake, and after 6 months you can walk and skate on the same lake. To me the Finnish summer is a best thing in the world. And the possibility of easily going out to forests for a walk and enjoy the clean nature despite of the city where you live, is amazing. It’s Finnishness at its best.



Finland is a country where you can feel safe. It’s a country that has been in the top places in surveys of safety. But addition to that, when you walk in the streets in Finland, and no matter what time it is, you can feel safe. You can trust the police. You can get help quickly when you need it. In Finland children go outside and play without parents, they go to shops, they bike to school. In this country you can let your children out and feel safe about it.

Simplicity & Honesty

Finnish people are kind. We are honest, we can tell what we think, and we accept that people have opinions, even different ones, and it’s okay. We don’t start talking to strangers on the streets, but if someone starts, we speak back. We get a little awkward when someone gives a compliment. We tell things the way they are, and not too much more to that. We might be people who don’t smile or speak all the time, but we have a simple and honest atmosphere. And we go naked to Sauna even with strangers.

That is Finnishness and I love it.

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