Finnish Sauna Culture

Sauna has always been one of the most important cultural “attraction” for me here in Finland. When I was living back in my childhood home I used to go sauna almost every day. Nowadays I try to go at least once a week.

What is sauna for Finns:

Sauna is a lot of things for different people, for me, I is place to clear my head, take a deep breath and sort of meditate for half an hour or more. Sometimes it is a place to have deep conversations with my friends, sometimes just to have a beer or two. For some people sauna is a important part of a cabin vacation or part of a swimming in a ice cold water hole. Some people go to sauna to whoop each others backs with branches of birch and drink more than just one or two beers.

Sauna has also lots of health benefits. I is good for your blood circulation, heart, lungs and skin. So with that beings said sauna is basically win-win-win-steam box!

Some Finns and most of the people for abroad don’t get the concept of sauna at all but for me it is really special place to relax not only your body but your soul as well.

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