Days in Finland can be rough, considering it’s dark and cold outside most of the year. You go to school/work its dark and when you get back home it’s still dark. During the day there is a slight chance of sunshine, but even if there is, you aren’t there to see it. But people here push trough that every day of the week and that’s something that I like to call Finnishness. Just the perseverance that you see in day to day life.

Although the winter time is tough, it’s also very beautiful. When ponds freeze, you grab your skates and go to the nearest rink or track. Maybe go skiing in the forest where they take good care of the skiing rails and make the outdoor activities possible.

Spring is beautiful time when daylight starts to last longer, and land is all white of snow. People are getting more and more friendly as the summer is getting closer. That’s something that Finns are looking for the whole spring.

Midsummer evening is called “nightless night”, because that day the sun doesn’t set at all. Meaning that the sun is up around the clock. That’s why you should stay up all night celebrating with your friends and family. Drinking and eating well, going to sauna and taking a swim at the sea or the lake. Usually these parties take place at someone’s summer cabin. Most people in Finland have cabins where they like to spend time especially in summer.

Four seasons make Finland so beautiful. You can really feel the magic in the air when leaves are changing colors and you see the summer turning to a fall. In the fall the forest is filled with fresh berries like blueberries, strawberries, rasberries, etc. and it’s a everyman’s right to pick a bucket full of them.

Sometimes you see sunshines and rainbows and other times leaves of all color blowing in the wind. Nature is one thing that makes Finns Finns.


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