Are you Finnished yet?

Finland? It’s somewhere up in the north, right? Isn’t it like really cold all the time? Quite typical questions to be said by foreigners after telling them where I come from. The world seems to be quite unaware as to where Finland is or what even is there. Of course, during the past few years, the most enthusiastic global citizens of the world seem to be slowly realizing the high potential of for example the Finnish nature and design.

Those people in the know of the wonderful things Finland has to offer, usually agree on how underappreciated Finland is. Overall people seem to have heard about Finland in terms of primary education, mobile games or the drinking culture. All true in their own nature, but they usually give rather lopsided image of Finnish people and the prominent characteristics. It is true that some Finnish people are very quiet and unsocial, some even rude as the quietest are often understood by foreigners. But definitely not all of Finland.

People in Finland might be more introverted than in many other places around the world, and people here are used to being quiet in a social situation. In my opinion Finnish people are quite composed and very rational in their decisions, and when something is said, it is actually meant. When foreigners casually ask, “how are you?” as a part of a greeting, Finnish people will likely start actually telling about their current mood instead of just automatically answering something they don’t really mean. While being rational Finnish people do still care deeply, and are very warm and welcoming. When you get to know Finnish people better on a personal level, prepare for in depth conversations about any topics.

There is definitely a Finnish mindset and mentality amongst Finnish people. It is actually scarily easy to spot another Finn in a crowd around the world, and with one look with them you can easily show how you are feeling then and there.

The vibrant yet serene nature, the innovative design, the technological expertise and much more should be broadcasted to the world, so Finland could be recognized as an overall interesting and diverse country.

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