My Experiences of Finnishness

We finns are often described as shy and untalkative persons. Well, I do think it is true that it takes time for us finns to come to trust other people so that we can start to open up to them. I wouldn’t say however, that we are untalkative. Once we get to know other people we talk as much as anyone from any other country.

It is common though, that when finnish people are having a conversation, it is polite to wait until the coversation partner has ended their speech before the other one starts to talk. Some people might consider this being untalkative even though we only belive this to be the polite way to have a conversation.

What comes to the shy part, I think the common opinion of us is quite wrong. We are not shy at all. When having a night out, we often go to sauna. And in sauna, we are naked often men and women at the same time also. Now, I would imagine that this can not be considered shy nor should it be. Sauna is something we finns cherish, and something we are proud of. All the shyness there might be to us, fades away when it comes to sauna.

I would also say, that finnish people are quite dependable. We might not talk to strangers alot, nut when one becomes our friend we defend them and when ever necessary we help them in every way we can.

All in all I think the common opinion of us is quite wrong and we finns are worth getting to know to.

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