Three Finnish brands which everyone should know in 2019

Finnish brands are known for their high quality materials and ingredients. I have listed three Finnish brands that everyone should know in 2019.


Marimekko is a Finnish lifestyle design house that was founded in 1951. It is known for its original prints that every Finn recognices and it has influenced a lot in Finnish design. Marimekko has over 150 retail stores, in Finland and abroad. Why I think everyone should know Marimekko, is the quality and originality of the products. When you buy something from Marimekko, the product will last a life-time and usually these are given to children and even to grand-children since the product life-cycle is long and quality is guaranteed. From my point of view, this is the most Finnish brand you can find in Finland.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle marimekko unikko

Kyrö Distillery Company

Kyrö is a Finnish distillery company which started production in 2014. Ever since that, the company has won some respected international prizes and the products are sold around the world. It is the world`s northern producer of gin and whisky. What makes the products so unique, it is the fact that the gin and whisky are made of rye. There is also visitor center and guided tours in the distillery. I have heard that it is definately one perfect place to visit in Finland.

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva


Fazer is one of the largest corporations in the Finnish food industry. It is known for its high quality food products and especially from its delicious chocolate. It was founded in 1891, by Karl Fazer. It has remarkable number of different kind of chocolate favours and new products, but also season products. Fazer has also visitor center, which is a good place to visit in Finland. As a Finn, I can say that I have never tasted better chocolate than Fazer`s blue. Propably the most known product of theirs.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle fazerin sininen




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