Finnishness in the point of view of a Finn

Finnishness in the point of view of a Finn


A very weird word as Finnishness can mean so much for us northerners, who are understood by no one and live a peaceful life in a place that many can’t even point on the map. Unless you’re well educated of course, no shots fired towards anyone… I’ve visited multiple countries in my short lifetime, and each and every time it’s so wonderful and funny to tell some facts about us Finns; About our personal space (Of course showing the picture of the bus stop is a must when talking about this subject), our weird sauna traditions that might or might not include swimming in a frozen lake or rolling naked in the snow, or how crazy everyone gets when Finland wins the world ice-hockey championships (hope for the best! Edit: Well turns out we won!!!). For myself, the most important traditions we have are the midsummer’s celebration (with kokko of course, see pic1) and the midwinter’s cold nights (pic 2). It’s kind of funny since both of the celebrations include the use of sauna and swimming in the lake. Doesn’t matter if the lake is frozen or not. We swim in it. Always.

pic1 pic2


Many Finns come across as silent and self-centred, but the reality is, after an awkward small talk session, we turn out to be one of the warmest people you’ve ever met. Seriously. And if someone after a small talk session doesn’t open up, just give him/her few beers or shots of vodka and witness the results yourself; truly warm people! Oh, and talking about alcohol, we Finns have even invented our very own alcoholic beverage, which we love so very very much. It’s called Lonkero (pic3), which is basically a long-drink, but not quite. To understand how it differs from a long-drink that can be ordered in a bar across the globe, you just have to taste it. It’s same but it’s different, and it’s better.



We Finns are proud of our country, but we welcome anyone for a visit or two. Anytime. And if I’ve learned something from my previous holiday trips, is that many people eagerly want to come and visit Finland after all of the funny stories I’ve told and the pictures of our nature (pic4) I’ve shown. Everyone’s welcome to Finland!




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