The way I see Finnishness

Finnishness to me is that we are great and unique nation. It includes hard working people, difficult language, interesting culture and the proud of being a Finn. The important matters to Finnish people are also sauna, nature, four different season in a year and a coffee.


The nature in Finland is famous and one of the reasons why people come to Finland. There are four amazing seasons that offers unique experience and give you peaceful mind. In winter you can enjoy for the snow and see the aurora especially in Lapland but sometimes in south as well. When the winter turns to the spring you can enjoy increasing light and see how the nature wake up again. In the summer nature is at its best and everything is green and pure. When the summer are over and the autumn starts the fall colours are beautiful everywhere and also the hunting season is running.


Finland is also know as a very safe place to live. There aren´t places that you cannot go, because everywhere people are honest and polite. You can trust  authorities and healthcare system, because there are no corruption and everyone are legitimate to have healtcare in Finland. Especially children and students are treated very well and they can have many different subsidies.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is the biggest sport in Finland. There are over 200 000 amateur and professional players in the whole country. Ice hockey world championship tournament are an annual international tournament that is very popular and draw attention all over in Finland. Especially when Finland has won the gold medals whole country are celebrating with the team and it is huge issue long time after winning. Last championship (in this year) was one of the greatest sport achievement in Finlands history.

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