Finnish seasons


My favourite thing about Finland is the different seasons and how different the nature is. Summer is really my least favourite season. It is really beautiful but I just can’t stand the heat. I still love the lakes and the light. As a kid I spent some summers in Lapland and the nights were really nice. It is nice to spend time outside during summer months eating ice cream and watching all the beautiful flowers and trees.



Autumn is my absolute favourite season! I love the weather when it is a bit chilly but not that cold anymore. Autumn is also the most beautiful with the colorful trees and ruska time. It rains quite a lot and it is getting darker but I still like it very much.



Winter time always lasts too long and it is really cold. Usually I like to stay indoors during winter months. In the city I don’t like snow that much since the buses might get stuck and snow is everywhere. Winter is more likeable in the countryside, especially waking up early to see the snow where no one has walked yet.



Spring time is not that special but not the worst really. The weather is always too cold and people always change into their summer clothes too early and then it is cold. But seeing the sun after a few months is always nice.

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