Connection with nature 

We Finns are surrounded by nature wherever we are in the country and it’s something we sometimes take for granted. When a Finn is removed from its natural habitat, the Finn might notice the importance of nature in daily life. As a Finn myself, I find nature as an extremely important part of my everyday life and overall health. I love visiting big cities but after a certain period of time I find myself longing for nature around me. There are a lot of up sides to having pure nature. We have some of the cleanest air in the world. Again, something that we often take for granted.

 Finnish mindset

The finnish mindset is pretty awesome and peculiar. The Finnish ”Sisu” mindset is known widely around the world and many Finnish athletes represent that very well. I feel like this mindset is still living in Finland but is less and less visible in daily life as our habits have changed. Finnish people are in general a very honest population. That’s part of being Finnish.


Finland is an unique country with unique brands, products and services. We create things that are unique and new to the rest of the world, like the sauna experiences, salty liquorice, scandinavian design and events like Slush. As a country we should embrace the uniqueness even more since it’s one of our strongest assets. The ”unique” things might feel mundane to us, but everywhere else in the world they are exciting new things.

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