What I love the most about finnishness is our honesty and sisu.

I don’t know another reliable nation. When we see a line, we go to end of it and wait nicely. When we find a lost wallet, we usually return it. Sometimes even find out who it belongs to and take a contact him (Ashamed to admit, but it happened to me a few weeks ago. I got a new message request on Facebook and somebody said that she had found my credit card. I hadn’t noticed yet that it was even lost). When we broke something, we tell that somebody or maybe even fix it. I am noticed that it’s not obvious everywhere. I still don’t claim that some Finns wouldn’t do these things like stole losted wallets etc.  Fortunately for the minority.

What is sisu? Sisu is a characteristic, a substance that you either have or you don’t. It’s something that can make you push through when times are rough, win against all odds, survive even you think you won’t. It’s something like stubbornness, yet combined with guts. At time it’s valour, at times resilience. But however you translate it, it’s something you most certainly need in the face of advertisy.  I hope that our sisu help us all when something difficult come ahead during the exchange.

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