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Finnishness to me is…


Finnish people have very close relationships with nature. It can be observed that Finns prefer to live close by it. Sport activities, spending free time, walking and wondering, family time – all are done in contact with nature. But Finns not only use the nature, they also take care of it and understand the importance of keeping it safe and clean.

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I love winter time in Finland, it always feels exciting and magical. It is the perfect time to travel to the north of Finland to visit Santa Claus park and to see the northern lights.

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Going to sauna if one of my favourite part of Finnish culture. I myself go to sauna at least once a week. It is a perfect place to relax and to get warm =)  It is very interesting phenomena, that sauna can be found in almost every building and even inside apartments.

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What is finnishness (to me)?

When I think about finnish people and Finland, two things pop into my head: our beautiful nature and our pure desire not to communicate with each other. Here’s what I mean.

Folk of few words

If you encounter a finnish person, you might notice that, generally speaking, we are not a very chatty people. We usually don’t like to chit-chat and so we try our best to avoid any situations where we might have to do that. For example in the bus, we would much prefer to sit alone than next to someone and this is why we will try to sit on an empty row if we possibly can. Of course when we do talk we are very polite and kind, we just might sound a little rude with our short answers and overall awkwardness in that situation.

All of four (but mostly one)

Seasons. We get them all (even if we don’t really want to). We get the snow when it’s winter so we can play some winter sports, we get the heat in the summer so we can go to the beach and get a tan (or seriously sun-burned). We get the color shifting trees, shining on us all the colors of Fall, and we get the long lost bird singing and sun after a gruesomely long and dark winter. We finnish people tend to say that we have winter most of the year and that our summers last for about a month. Of course that is not the case, we just feel like it. All in all, we get to witness all the seasons of the year and to me that is a blessing.



What finnishness means to me?


First thing that comes to my mind about Finland and finnishness is nature and its four seasons. My favourite seasons are spring and summer when everything blooms and people become more cheery. There is also lots of different events on summer and life feels carefree.

Every time I travel some place else, it is always pleasure to come back in Finland. We have fresh nordic air and there is small crime rate in Finland so it is safe to live in there. Also my family and friends lives there, so it is important place to be.


Second thing which comes on my mind about finnishness is sauna. It is perfect way to relax  especially when you are spending your time in summer cottage or during cold winter. Most of the apartments in Finland are having a sauna too, so you can relax in your own place too. It is probably the most Finnish thing you can do.

Fazer and Salmiakki

Fazer is one of the largest corporations of Finnish food history. The most famous is probably Fazer blue milk chocolate, called “Fazerin sininen” in Finnish. It is one of my favourite candy to eat. Fazer is also known about different salmiakki products. There is also fazer cafe’s all around in Finland.

There is A Kenyan in Town!

So, my name is Sylvia Barasa, a Kenyan. My Kenyan culture, from food to the way of living is very different from the Finnish culture. When I fast moved here, I ate fast foods almost everyday. The food culture here was so different. Kenyan food from coat to the west is full of flavor and taste, this here was very different.


The way we interact with each other is so different as well, we talk to each other we say hello to everybody, we quickly bond and share what we have. It was so different here as in Finland there is a huge culture of ME, and that was a bit disturbing.

Kenyans drink alcohol, Fins do maybe just a bit more than us, but the difference is this, if I invite my friend out for a drink, the bill is on me!, if a Fin invites you out on a date , or for a drink, in most cases, bring your ,money with you!


According to my culture, as from the age of 8 or even 6, kids are already aware of their bodies and already cant just be naked before anybody. Even after bathing, a 7 year old will easily ask for privacy to put on clothes.

This is what I have grown up with for the last more than 20 years.

As a woman, I cant basically be seen naked by anybody unless we are intimate with that person, leave alone my parents! in fact that’s a taboo especially for fathers. So this is me in Finland, on my second day, my Host Family, very excited and eager to show me the culture,

They organized a surprise welcome party for me,  A sauna with some With my Host Family, they ask me to join them in Sauna, that was ok, until I was informed that we all have to be very Naked.

This was my experience of Finnishness at least to the extreme.


Crazy ice hockey country and beautiful summer nights

First things that came to my mind was ice hockey and summer nights. This summer I got the chance to spend more time outside in the evenings and I learned to appreciate beautiful sunsets that Finland has to offer.

Ice hockey

When it’s spring time and time for Ice Hockey World Championship, Finnish people tend to go a little bit crazy. There’s of course other competitions such as olympics, World Cup, Junior World Championship of Hockey etc. Olympics being the most important of all. Still, last spring when we won the World Championship, as much as 3,14 million people were watching the broadcast and that is quite a lot for country that has a population of 5,5 million people overall. I can’t imagine how hardly we would celebrate if we would win the Olympics some day..  But the great thing about Finnish people being so passionate about ice hockey, is that it really brings people together. That is actually quite interesting and funny, considering that we are usually little bit reserved when meeting new people.

Beautiful summer nights

This summer I got the chance to spend more time with my friends during the evening time compared to last years and I truly realised how beautiful our sunsets and summer evenings overall are. I kind of feel bad that I haven’t been enjoying sunsets as much as I could’ve before and that I’ve been told plenty of times to enjoy the nature more. The nature around us makes sunsets more appealing but I did really enjoy the warm feeling that summer nights gave me. It’s not all about the sunsets though, I think the feeling that warm sunset and beautiful view gives (and the company, of course) is unbeatable. Calm beautiful summer nights are like Finnish people, warm and beautiful when you get to know them.

My few thoughts about Finland.

Juuso Johansson

Finnishness: A 2 years experience

Finnishness to me as a foreigner is:



Every winter, for around half a year, this land of Finland will be covered in white sheets of snow that gets annoying after a few months, yet it is beautiful and soothing to see.



It’s something that surrounds me every day, I live right next to a forest and a lake when this is the so called second biggest city in Finland. I am sure that this is not only me and if that is the case then nature is literally a representation of Finnishness. It soothing and nice, both in winter and summer and it just around the corner.


I find Finnish people very proud of their race to a point that they become offensive sometimes. In a foreigner’s perspective I think this is such a great thing to be so proud of your race and live happily amongst it. Yet as a foreigner that got offended, I think there are other ways to be proud of your race offending a group of foreign students.


It is the most Finnish thing to do and almost every family or apartment building has one. It’s a luxury in other countries yet it’s the simplest form of entertainment and relaxation of the country. It’s honestly better in winter.

Getting drunk

A Finnish person before and after getting drunk is two people, they are so quiet and shy before getting drunk and after that they become the nicest and funniest people in the world. There are always exceptions which are alcoholics but generally the same person can change so much after a drink.

Personal Space

I am definitely enjoying a    nd accepting this as a foreigner, everyone respects each other personal space and to be honest it’s very quiet on the streets or anywhere. It feels nice to walk around with your own personal space considering growing up in a metropolitan where personal space doesn’t exist. Then again, too much personal space leads to being distant which also is a very Finnish problem.



What Finnishness is to me?


Finnish people are really proud of our nature, and I think it is really great because we should be proud of it.  We spend a lot of time in the nature. Going to the nature and the importance of it has been taught us since we were kids. Example by going to the forest for camping and hiking in a school. Nature is something that we respect and cherish.


We are ice hockey country definitely, when the world championship starts we go crazy. It has never been a question that are we football or icehockey country. Every year when the ice hockey world championship starts, people get together and watch the games together. Ice hockey is something that brings people together in Finland.


This is one of my favorite things about Finland. Everybody knows that Finland is very known from the sauna, but nobody knows how important it really is to very many finn. Including me. It is place where to enjoy company of friends or family, and it is also a place where you can be all by yourself.