What finnishness means to me?


First thing that comes to my mind about Finland and finnishness is nature and its four seasons. My favourite seasons are spring and summer when everything blooms and people become more cheery. There is also lots of different events on summer and life feels carefree.

Every time I travel some place else, it is always pleasure to come back in Finland. We have fresh nordic air and there is small crime rate in Finland so it is safe to live in there. Also my family and friends lives there, so it is important place to be.


Second thing which comes on my mind about finnishness is sauna. It is perfect way to relax  especially when you are spending your time in summer cottage or during cold winter. Most of the apartments in Finland are having a sauna too, so you can relax in your own place too. It is probably the most Finnish thing you can do.

Fazer and Salmiakki

Fazer is one of the largest corporations of Finnish food history. The most famous is probably Fazer blue milk chocolate, called “Fazerin sininen” in Finnish. It is one of my favourite candy to eat. Fazer is also known about different salmiakki products. There is also fazer cafe’s all around in Finland.

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