When I’m thinking the people and the society around myself here in Finland, first things (or attributes) I would bring up are reliability and friendliness. In other countries people have stereotypes that Finns are not friendly, because we don’t always talk too much and are not approachable. In my opinion those stereotypes are just false claims, because we just don’t want to reveal too much ourselves before we know if we can trust the other person. When you get that trust and loyalty with a Finnish person, you know you probably have a friend for the rest of your life.

Other thing that describes Finnishness well is the surviving of our four semesters; spring, summer, autumn and of course the endless winter. All semesters have their own kind of “theme”. For example, in winter we really love that sauna, hot tub and ice swimming combo. Not to mention outdoor ice hockey and cross-country skiing.  Spring is the time of the year, when the dark and cold winter is ending, nature is getting green and people are waiting for summer. Summer is probably the most exciting time of the year, most people having their summer holidays and heading to their cottages near lake or sea. It’s a shame that summer is so short here in Finland. Last but not least, autumn. Nature turns into some kind of color palette, because all the leaves change their colors and fall down in the streets. Day is getting shorter and weather is rainy and chilly. Also, between September and October people are starting to dig their Christmas decorations out from their cabinets to get ready for Christmas.

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