What do I remember when I Hear Finland?

Dark and cold weather, people whom you can trust, and of course beautiful summer

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The first question I always get from people out of Finland is about the weather, asking: is it really six month dark nights and six month sunny days I Finland? 

They think that people in Finland are really into themselves. Alone, drunk, but happy. That could be true and one thing that I couldn’t get it yet is about Finland being one of the happiest countries in the world! really? A few days back I read an article that one in every five Finn is depressed and most of them don’t admit that. 

Finnishness is also about how good Finns trust each other in society which is one thing I really like about.

One more thing that I appreciate about Finland and the Finnish workplace is the way colleagues interact with each other, the way they communicate with each other and with their boss. The boss is just the position most of the time, otherwise, they work together just like normal colleagues. It is really different than many other places around the world.

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