Finland in my soul and heart

Finland in my soul and heart

Finnishness is so deep in my own identity that it is surprisingly difficult to think about what to bring out of the Finnish culture.

In fact I think that foreigners have generally positive picture of Finns. Finnish people are assumed to be on time. It is also nice that in Finland you can trust friends and co-workers. Finns are considered honest and straight-forward. Small talk culture may be different than elsewhere but deep interpersonal relationships are cherished and adhered to.

Finns are often reserved when greeting or talking to strangers.  This may be due to the fact that in Finland being too loud is considered rude. Finns are rule-oriented and respect  each other’s space and limits. For example when queueing people stand obediently in the line.

Personally, I love nature, lakes, saunas and rye bread when talking about Finnish things. Jean Sibelius’ music is close to my heart and his music is a matter of pride for Finns. I also think that it is a privilege to have four seasons in a year.

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