Finnish forests and nature

Nature and specifically forests are the first thing that comes to my mind from the word Finnishness. When I was a little my dad often took me to roam in the forests and taught me things about plants. Also, I used to go to pick up mushrooms with my grandmother. Later in life I’ve spend a lot of time in the forests playing with our family dogs. And even nowadays I sometimes enjoy a long walk in the forest. It truly calms me and nurtures my mind.

Finnish forests are amazing. We have A LOT ofthem. What’s great about them is that they’re very safe. We have very few forest animals that are dangerous, and they naturally avoid humans. The forest provides us with foods like many different varieties of berries and mushrooms. It also gives us wood, that is widely used material in Finland. In Finland we have this right called “jokamiehenoikeus” which freedom to roam in any forest and enjoy nature if you don’t harm it.

Many Finnish people learn no to love our nature and forest from very young age. Schools arrange field trips to forests where children can get to explore the nature by collecting plants and picking up berries and mushrooms. Many families have summer cottages outside of cities close to nature where people spend time during their summer holidays.


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