Nature, sea, lakes, sauna, salty liquorice “salmiakki”,  northern lights, coffee, rye bread, four seasons, korvapuusti, Karelian pie, cottages, safety.. What else, however so many things comes to my mind from the word finnishness.

Sauna, the basic finnish thing. Many people think that Finns are little bit shy people, but in sauna they really are not. In the sauna everybody is naked in a little hot room.

Trust is important for Finnish people. They appreciate also their personal place but they also like to chill out with their families and friends etc. Finland is ranked the worldst happiest country.

Finland is also a safe country. It doesn’t have many dangerous natural disaster and it is also a safe country to live in.

Finnish nature – what a beauty! We can be really happy about our amazing nature. We have so many lakes and Finland is full of forests. I love to be in the nature, to walk a long walk in the forest, be by the sea or just see beautiful citys. Many finnish people has, ”mökki”, a cottage , where they will spend their free time. We can be also happy, because we have four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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