First thing that comes in mind when I think about Finnish people and our culture is humbleness and self-reliant temperament. On my personal experience Finnish people don’t like to ask for help, at least not directly. At the store when you are trying desperately to find some exact product, the worst-case scenario would be that you need to ask for help. We try anything and everything before relying on others even though in some cases it would definitely be the easiest way. On the other hand the “Finnish humbleness” comes out in a really good way too. Finns tend to be polite and not too braggy or arrogant. We give others credit on their achievements before talking about our own. We also appreciate personal space so we give it to other people too.

Thinking about Finland as a country the things that come in my mind are the lakes, forests and a white winter in all of its magical atmosphere. Nature in Finland isn’t only beautiful, clean, and versatile but it’s also very appreciated among Finns. The appreciation towards nature is shown for example in a Finnish cottage culture. People like to spend time in nature, swim in clean lakes and enjoy steams in a Sauna (which is the most Finnish thing there is). In addition to cottage culture Finns like to spend time in nature in general. There are own sports and activities for every four seasons so the weather doesn’t hold Finns back when it comes to spending time in nature.

Third thing that came in my mind and one thing that I felt really proud of when I thought about my home country is amazing health care and good situation in equality questions. Women’s status in Finland is so much better than in many other countries. There are always ways to be even better but I think Finland is going in a really good direction. Also I have to give a big credit to Finnish healthcare system which is really first class globally. Everyone gets treatment despite of their social status and the doctors are very highly educated.

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