When I think about Finnishness and Finnish people the first things that comes to my mind are honesty, safety, modesty, and equal value. Although I think that Finnish people loves the feeling of security and comfort, I also think that Finns are hard workers (at least most of them). Finns also are down to earth and enjoys their own company. Personal space is also an important thing for Finns.

Finland is a very clean country. The air, forests and lakes are well-managed. In Finland almost everyone recycles and takes responsibility for keeping the country clean. People values nature and nature is such a big deal for Finns. That’s probably why so many Finns have a cottage somewhere near nature far away from cities. Also In schools’ children are taught to value the Finnish nature and spend some time in the woods.

Something I’m very proud of in Finnishness is the equal value and human rights. Finland has taken big steps and made such a huge progress in human rights and people’s equality. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, everyone has the same rights, and everyone are allowed to do the same things. Finland is a safe country, and everyone is equal. That is something I really love about Finland.

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