To me, Finnishness is about doing things properly, not half-ass, so that no one can say afterwards there’s something wrong or missing. We stick to the promises we make and mean what we say. We are not that great with small talk but if we say “let’s catch up later” or tell someone we love them, we mean it and take it seriously, which might be confusing when people are also held to what they say.

It’s a matter of honor for Finns to do our part; The most extreme proof of this is being the only country who fully paid its reparations from World War II. Those 300 million dollars in gold were scraped together by the hard work of men and women, which also describes the gender equality that we’ve been really working on for a long time.

This tutorial video is an amazingly accurate example of how we do things properly and equally. It exhibits Finnish (pre-corona virus) party culture from 2010s until 2020s. It is made by a Finnish journalist Timo Korpi and it gives you a nice glance of Finland’s cities, cabin-life and infamous cruiser ship trips, but also how we celebrate. Whether it’s a housewarming party, a summer festival, May Day, Midsummer or whatever reason worth gathering. It even has English subs, too!

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