We Finns love our culture and traditions. We have many beautiful things here in Finland, one of which is of course our nature. We have fresh air, thousands of lakes and plenty of forest. That is where out souls rest.  I also believe that Finland is considered quite  clean and pure country, mostly because of our nature.

Ilmainen kuvapankkikuva tunnisteilla auringonlasku, ei ihmisiä, ei-kaupunkikohde

Partying comes naturally for us Finns, some of our favorite events are Vappu, Midsummer and Christmas. We are of course very eager about Christmas and especially as we can proudly say that Finland is the home country of Santa Claus. Finnish people doesn´t  have that strong a tradition of spending so much time with their families as there are in many other cultures. Although Christmas is time when families gather and enjoy the holidays together. It is very strong cultural and also religious event for us.

Ilmainen kuvapankkikuva tunnisteilla asu, esiintymisasu, joulu

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