For me the first thing that came to my mind was boring. Finnish people like the feeling of being secured and don’t really set goals too high. We are happy with what we get, not what we want. I guess we are used to living in such a secured environment that our only problem is that we don’t have problems, so we make them from nothing.

Second thing that came to my mind was sauna. Sauna is very important for Finnish people. Sauna is the most interesting thing Finland has and it’s a hot room where you sit with naked people and keep your mouth shut, because we don’t like talking.

1 thought on “Finnishness

  1. For me being a Finnish isn’t necessary being like everyone else or having as much common habits, straits, norms. In my opinion anyone who has Finland in his/her heart can be a Finn. I do not believe there can be a prototype or mold of a Finn because we all have our own personalities and backgrounds.

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