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When thinking about Finland and ‘’Finnishness’’ it instantly reminds me of the vast forest and many lakes. According to my traveling experiences, there really aren’t lakes in anywhere as in Finland.

When I describe Finnish people to other nationalities I usually joke about how quiet and depressed our people are. Darkness in Finland makes the Finnish people turn to heartless and quiet soul. Of course, this is not the case, but I guess one think is that Finnish people quite often are rather sarcastic and friends with black humor.

The ultimately best thing in ‘’Finnishness’’ is sauna and Finnish summer. Nothing beats the weekend at a cottage by a lake with friends. Being able to relax near the nature and chill at sauna.

Telakoitu, Järvi, Suomi, Tumma, Illalla, Vesi, Luonne

I really think that it is ”a lottery win” to be born in Finland. The country is safe in every aspect. There are no huge storms or calamities. There really aren’t any poisonous animals either.

Last thing that comes to mind is the rye bread, salted licorice and mämmi. If you are visiting Finland try at least the three foods mentioned before.