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My Finnishness- The Finnish nature

To me Finnishness is a lot of things but the first thing that comes to my mind is nature. Finnish nature with its four seasons. I feel like Finnish people have a special relationship with the nature. No matter the season, you can find us enjoying ourselves and spending our time in the nature. In the winter we skate, ski and swim in a frozen lake. In the spring we wander around the forests seeing how nature comes alive after the cold and dark winter. In the summer we enjoy spending time in our summer cottages near nature, swimming in a lake and going to sauna. In the fall we watch the leaves turn into different colors and fall from the trees and go to forests to pick berries and mushrooms. No matter what, you’ll always find us in the nature.

The Finnish cottage culture is also something very special to us. When the weather starts getting warmer in the spring, Finnish people pack their cars and head to their cottages. Finnish people probably spend more time in their summer cottages than in their homes during the summer months. Cottage culture is always without a doubt combined with swimming, going to a sauna, and grilling. The purpose of a summer cottage is to escape the busy everyday life, de-stress and just enjoy the Finnish nature.

I am no exception, I also love Finnish nature and spending time in nature. Even though I love spending time in my family’s summer cottage, my favorite place in Finland to see the nature in all its glory has to be Lapland. I love seeing the views from the tops of the fells. No matter which direction you look at all you can see is forests, lakes, other fells and the blue sky. And all you can hear is silence. The atmosphere of Lapland is very magical and wandering around in Lapland’s nature really puts your mind at ease.