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My first impression of Finnishness

As a person coming from the Eastern Europe, the first cultural shock when introduced to the Finnishness was a big thing. Upon coming to Finland I did not know much about the culture or the country itself apart from snow, ice, cold and dark, sauna and a few very colorful words I’d rather not share (but I bet you guys know what I mean 😉 ). When I came here I found it was far more than that- a very well organized country with people eager to help you. Finnish law is created in such way that it helps the people and everyone follows it almost unquestionably, which is uncommon for other countries.


One of the things that really amazed me was Finnish nature- the vast forests, the lakes, the wild hares and squirrels running around you. Peace rules here. Untouched, cultivated yet virgin and hiding many miraculous places.




Of course some of the stereotypes turned out o be true- most people are not very open to new acquaintances, sauna is an inseparable part of winter days and it’s easy to befriend Finns there if you bring extra makkara ja sinappi.

(Kaupinojan Sauna)