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Things which comes to my mind first when thinking of Finnishness are sauna, nature, four seasons, coffee, strange sports and activities, cottage, lakes, northern lights, salt licorice, rye bread… I could just go on and on but instead of continuing I want to tell you interesting facts about some of these things.

Sauna. Sauna is definitely Finnish thing. We love saunas and almost everyone has sauna in their house. It’s a place where you can relax, have a couple of beer and talk about the purpose of life. There are also public saunas in Finland where people visit and spend time with friends.

Nature. Finland is known as the country of thousands lakes but that’s nowhere near the truth. Finland has more than 180 000 lakes, more than in any other country.

Four seasons. Finland has beautiful nature with its four seasons. We have 4 different seasons; summer, fall, winter and spring. When summer comes Finland offers round-the-clock sunshine.


Coffee. Finns drinks too much coffee. We drink approximately 10 kilograms coffee per person per year. It’s the most than anywhere else.

Different type of sports and activities. Finns have invented many strange and exotic sports. I think the most strange and funniest is Eukonkannon world championship. It is a sport that aims to carry a woman through an obstacle course as quickly as possible. There is also some other exotic world championship species such as mosquito hunting, boot throwing, air guitar playing and swamp football.

However, Finnishness means much more to me than the things mentioned above. I have lived in Finland my whole life and I love my country. There are many things we should be proud and thankful for. Things like safety, honesty, freedom and peace. There are times when it’s good to stop to think about things you value and are grateful for.