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My Experiences of Finnishness

As I have been here in Finland since 2018, I can understand now the basics of the Finnish language. Finnish is quite interesting & joyful to me. Finnish had generally fine presentation in other foreign countries. People in Finland had precise punctuality in any events or working life. You can trust Finnish people as a nice friend and a good co-worker. While the Finnish neighborhood meets each other, they start first talking about the weather always. Long talk culture when they met each other, it’s a bit different than elsewhere but deep interpersonal relationships are treasured.

Already been in Finland for many years, I noticed that many of the people like have their own privacy here. Wherever you travel in Finland, you will find out the silence (for e.g. In the bus, train, etc). They are really reserved with strangers when greetings or when talking. Although, Finnish people have honesty, discipline & well-organized.

Personally, I love nature, swimming in the lakes & playing ski was a most attractive place not for me but whoever comes here will going to love these things. I also like doing sauna & having swum in the iced lake which helps in the circulation of the blood. Basically, I enjoy the summertime most even though it short and sweet.