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The first thing that comes into mind when thinking about Finnishness and Finland itself is the nature. The nature in Finland is unbelievable. It changes through the year but still remains it’s beauty, also the colour-scheme changes with the season and it goes through the whole colour palette. Finns like to spend time in the forest and in the nature and there are many forests and parks in Finland and especially in Lapland during the summer and autumn there are these beautiful hiking parks that many people visits. The best time to visit Lapland for a hike is autumn during the ´ruska´ season when there are all the shades of red, orange and yellow in the nature. In the winter Lapland offers a lot of different activities but the most popular ones are ski-tracks  as well as ski centers and that is when most of the Finns visits Lapland.

Finnish archipelago is also beautiful and Turku Archipelago especially is known from many little islands and the sea itself. During the summertime many Finns like to make a roadtrip though the Turku archipelago since you can drive through it with car or a bike. There are a few ferries that needs to be taken to get around the whole archipelago but it totally is worth it. There are many restaurants, bed&breakfasts and cafes in the little islands as well as different activities such as golf, kayaking, hiking and sailing. My family has a cottage in the Turku archipelago and I can assure everyone that it is one thing to see in the summer when visiting Finland.

The second part that comes in mind is summer and cottage which is connected strongly to the first one. Finland is known as the country of thousand lakes and many finns have a cottage by the lake or near one. Cottages are very important for Finnish people and it can be seen during the year when everyone spends their holidays in their own or even rented cottages. I have spent many holidays in different cottages but nothing beats your own cottage and a sauna. The true cottage experience includes sauna, dipping in the lake or a sauna and family or friends around you enjoying the Finnish summer.



Having grown up in a Finnish family in the United States and having spent most summers in Finland, I would say that I have inherited traits from both cultures. I’m rather shy around new people and it takes me a while to get comfortable with people, but once I get comfortable I have no problem with physical affection and I’m anything but shy. I tend to keep my emotions hidden except with my closest friends, which I would say is definitely my Finnish side.

I have always loved Finland for the peace and calm that it brings me when at the lake or walking in the woods, and I love spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature. However, I do notice that I miss the hecticness of large cities as well.




I have loved living in Finland and all the experiences it has brought with it, a big one being the 4 seasons. I spent most of my life in California where there are basically 2 seasons, summer and fall/spring. I have really enjoyed having a proper winter and all of the activities that come with it!