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Finnishness is key to happiness

According to UN report Finland was the happiest country in the world in 2019. What can be the reason for this phenomena in this dark and cold country where we silently wait for a bus in wet rain slush what feels like most of the year? Happiness can be measured by life expectancy, social security, economic status and so on but let me tell why for me I truly feel that I live among happiest nation in the world.

If you pick out any finn from the street and ask for example directions in english they will probably talk broken “rally english” and be a bit ashamed. But you know what that is quite impressive. Because of our high quality education system that is free for all can most finns speak english quite good and do not hesitate to help tourists in need. What a proud reason to be a happy finn!

You can consider every finn a master of meditation, we do practise it every day whether we know it or not. Imagine a morning bus, everyone sits quietly gazing through the window and if possible on window seat and no one sitting next to you. That is important to us, gathering thoughts and being with just your own self, that sounds like meditating doesn’t it. That bus ride does not sound so grimm now if you consider everyone just meditating on their way to work, sounds nice actually.

Here is some meditation soundtrack from Finnish summer. Perhaps play it in the background as you continue reading.

You may hear lots of stereotypes about finishness but actually underneath the surface you can find happiest nation in the world, it just depends on the way you look at things. Key to happiness maybe?

Finnish nightmares, author Karoliina Korhonen