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Finnish Him!!

The task to “give someone an understanding and a vision of what the concept Finnishness means” is confusing. This is solely just because I don’t know what that is myself. Not even a little bit. Maybe cultural history, common habits and clichés are not what construct “Finnishness”. If something like that even exists, could it be subjective to everyone, not a concept you can show or explain to someone? In that case, what constructs my Finnishness? I don’t know really. But one can always try to find out.

Flower from last summer

Well, at the beginning of my epic quest I found myself thinking more about the term “national identity” and how that too is weird to me. (Why must everything confuse me?) A web dictionary I found (www.dictionary.com) defines “national” as follows: “peculiar or common to the whole people of a country”, whereas “identity” is “the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another”. Isn’t there a conflict there somewhere? However, the idea here is probably recognizing things that represent us Finns as a cohesive whole and I think I can come up with few things.

So to put all that silly thinking aside, there are a lot of saunas in Finland, which people like I guess, because they keep making and using them. If someone hasn’t ever done the whole “Let’s go to a cabin and go to the sauna and roll in the snow and then repeat” – experience, I think they should. It really is great. Also you have a good chance of seeing naked butts (which is just a fact no judging or perverting).

If I had to say something about Finnish values I might comment on the fact that some people here have them, which is kind of nice. People tend to appreciate nature and the fact that people are treated equally. Here it would be really weird if you talked differently to a professor or to a university maintenance worker. Peeps like it equal here.

I don’t follow sports that much, but Finnish teams are sometimes ok in hockey and people get really excited about it when they are. Also if I had to, I could only name maybe like five traditional foods we have. So I guess that says something about that.

Anyways to conclude, I really do understand that Finland has culture that is unique to it and has many lovely aspects that we should be proud of and maintain as valuable “property”.  Some of these things are in our daily lives and they really do have influence on us. For example, our country’s history (obviously) continues to affect people today (like the Finnish Civil War) and in many ways things like that too can be seen as cultural identity, as it is culture and specific to people here in Finland.

Finland is great y’all.

Ps. We have Santa

Pps. That sounded like a threat I didn’t mean it like that